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From September 1-30, the Teen Room will host our first ever Banned Books Reading Challenge! Every banned or challenged book you read during the month of September    enters you into a drawing for a prize! Attending our Ted & Talk program Wednesday, September 23 at 1:30pm gets you an additional entry! Not sure what books have been challenged or banned? Stop by the Teen Room to check out our display of books and talk to the staff for suggestions or check out our reading lists here in ReadSquared! The winner will be announced at our BYOBook discussion on Thursday, October 1 at 4pm! Teens will need to track titles using ReadSquared.

 Every entry increases your chance to win the grand prize on October 1!

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Good Boy Fergus
by David Shannon Children's Books

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I love this book

If It Bleeds
by Stephen King

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I absolutely adore Stephen king. I have never read a single book that he has wore that didn’t immediately suck me in from the beginning sentence. Even his short stories such are these are just simply amazing. It’s amazing to read the average book and then to read king and you realize how bad so many writers are. King just tops the cake with his writing skills and really painting a picture that you just get completely engulfed in.

The Education Of Little Tree
by Forest Carter

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One of my all time favorite books!

Clever Girl Finance
by Bola Sokunbi

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I was expecting more from this book. It would be perfect for teens and those in their 20s; not so much for those who are older.

The story of Easter
by Sarah Young

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So good!

The Once And Future King
by T H White

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The sword in the stone in this book had been made into a Disney movie as well

Outlander Book 1
by Diane Gabaldon

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Favorite book series so far! Absolutely loved all the characters. I usually can’t stand time travel books but this is amazing!

Big Summer
by Jennifer Weiner

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Confusing. Not my favorite book. It was 3 books mismatched into 1. Very disappointing.

Woman World
by Aminder Dhaliwal

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Cute book! It didn’t seem like it had too much of an agenda like a lot of graphic novels do. The main focus seemed to be the slice of life comedy, which I am here for. ??

Twisted Twenty-six Janet Evanovich
by Janet Evanovich Books

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Grandma married the mob!

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