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Book Reviews
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by Guy Gavriel Kay

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I really struggled getting into the story this book has to offer. Very dry, details that drag, many characters with similar names that get confusing, jumping story-lines... I don't think I will be getting the rest of the books in the series.

Bold Spirit Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America
by Linda Lawrence Hunt

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Interesting story, but felt the writing did not do the story justice.

What do they do with all the poo
by Jane Kurtz

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Huge hit with the kids!

The Lost World
by Michael Crichton

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The book has more the the movie has but it still good

by Sheri S Tepper

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I love how several Disney stories were woven into this story! This is now a new favorite of mine.

Last Night In London
by Karen White

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Excellent study of women in London during WWII, the fashion world during the war, spy networks and personal tragedy. Plus an overlapping story about families in 2019 trying to unravel the secrets from the war.

Escapology Modern Cabins, Cottages And Retreats
by Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan

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Not a favorite of mine. Some of the places were interesting to see and read about. Others, not so much.

Watership Down
by Richard Adams

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The book is very great

The Seat Filler
by Sariah Wilson

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I adored this book! Fell in love with the characters from the first page.

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes
by Suzanne Collins

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This book was really good! I reread the original series about a month ago leading up to its release, and now I feel I need to read them again now that I have some Easter eggs and context like I’ve never had before. The story was very entertaining. I read it almost in a day.