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The Education Of Little Tree
by Forest Carter

One of my all time favorite books!

Civil Disobedience
by Henry David Thoreau

A short book, but thought provoking. Worth the time and the lesson, especially in today's world.

The Lost World
by Michael Crichton

The book has more the the movie has but it still good

Jurassic Park
by Michael Crichton

Movie is different from the book but the book is great

Friends Forever
by Danielle Steel

I haven’t read Danielle Steel for a long time. Easy read. 5 friends met on first day of kindergarten & their parents. It travels thru their lifespan and what takes place. Gabby, Billy, Izzy, Sean & Andy. One of the characters seems to be an add on at the last minute and there is not much written about him. You sort of forget about him throughout the entire book. I finished it it one hot day while the AC was going during self-quarantine. Found it on Libby.

If It Bleeds
by Stephen King

I absolutely adore Stephen king. I have never read a single book that he has wore that didn’t immediately suck me in from the beginning sentence. Even his short stories such are these are just simply amazing. It’s amazing to read the average book and then to read king and you realize how bad so many writers are. King just tops the cake with his writing skills and really painting a picture that you just get completely engulfed in.

The Little Bookshop On The Seine
by Rebecca Raisin

I had higher hopes for this book. The writing skills were not the best. The way things were described seemed very novice.

Big Summer
by Jennifer Weiner

Confusing. Not my favorite book. It was 3 books mismatched into 1. Very disappointing.

Reading Behind Bars
by Jill Grunewald

Fantastic Non-Fiction book! A naive young lady applies for a higher education position as a librarian only to find out during the interview that it was actually for all male prison in the midwestern United States. During her tenure as a prison librarian, she slowly blooms from a timid woman to will discover a shove in toothpaste, brave a snowstorm, challenge the prison bully, encourage prisoners to read, & earn the respect the prisoners. I have always taken for granted the ability to read & have access to books for free via the library & computer access. After reading this book, I realized what a privilege reading books, having access to a library is. Prisoners have to earn the right the use the library. And even then, what they read is limited, edited. Highly recommend this book.

Pieces Of Her
by Karin Slaughter

Kept me on pins & needles. I wished there was a 2nd book. I listened to this on a road trip. Mother kept a huge secret that unraveled due to media coverage. Daughter went on a road trip & discovered herself, her mother’s past & secrets. Sometimes road trips are needed. Great book to listen to. Definitely held my attention. If I was to read it, it would be a page turner. I found it on RBdigital.
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